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Current Initiatives

Art Display

Display of art and culture to support activism. Help and support economically disadvantaged women (entrepreneurship and enterprise options) from GB to exhibit their talent and ability to shine their artistic skills in the fields of art and culture. This will provide a platform for displaying the talent/gift of young women and girls from the region under the support and supervision of already empowered women of GB.

Empowerment Anthem

A poem on women’s success will be shared to honor women’s struggle in GBian society. Written by local poets and sung by local artists is something unique and one of the main attractions to encourage and further empower other women of GB.

Network and Mentorship

This event is providing an opportunity for the women generation of the region to get connected with other influential women from the region under one roof for support guidance and mentorship on career, education, and social wellbeing. A catalog will be organized, to register women for future networking and connections, where strategies will be developed for job opportunities, career counseling, resume building, social therapy, etc. and later it will be available to the public.

Showcase Studies

We have selected and interviewed 7 seven empowered and successful women’s case studies/stories from GB (representing every district of the region for diversity and inclusion) to share, celebrated, and highlight the contributing factors to their success, challenges they faced, how they overcame and what they further recommend.

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