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The 2019-2020 coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). One of the biggest pandemics in human history and a once in a century event; taking place right in front of our eyes. The whole world is on the brink of collapse with thousands dying every day, economies collapsing, and social distancing as never seen before.

This pandemic has brought the superpowers of the world to its knees. Think of developing countries where the daily wage earner has nothing to feed to its family. The anxiety of not working aside, many of them do not have an idea of how to keep themselves and their families safe. We at FIDE will help these people.

Our team at FIDE has been working to help humanity on a global scale for more than 3 years now. We plan to achieve our donation goal in the coming weeks so we can help out humanity during these tough times. We would be distributing meals to the people in need during the coming weeks. 

In Pakistan, we would be doing Iftaar Drives during the month of Ramadan. Moreover in the United States, we would be distributing meals to different food pantries (including colleges). And helping those in need.


Stay home, stay safe, and help keep humanity alive by spreading your warmth and kindness to the fortunate and to the unfortunate.

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