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The Global Pandemic (COVID-19)

Helping Students and the Needy.

FIDE Inc. | The Global Pandemic (COVID-19) - Helping Students and the Needy.

Our City, New York, has been one of the hardest hit by the COVID-19 crisis. Many individuals and families have been devastated due to various factors. Some being physically and mentally desolated because of losing their loved ones and some disheartened because of losing their jobs. Numerous people are having a tough time supporting themselves and their families. College students, low-income people, and the poor face far higher risks from the coronavirus due to chronic neglect and discrimination.


Due to this devastating COVID-19 outbreak, FIDE has launched “The Global Pandemic (COVID-19) Relief Fund” to coordinate our efforts to support those in our community, most at risk from the pandemic. Especially, college/university students and the less fortunate, who are facing severe financial hardship as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. They need financial help now more than ever.

FIDE is committing to provide as much help and assistance to those who have been affected by the current crisis directly or indirectly. Given the circumstances of this pandemic, our fund is mobilizing to assist and provide services to disproportionately affected individuals and families without discrimination based on race, religion, sex, age, national origin, disability, or sexual orientation.


We are working to provide immediate assistance to the following:


Financial subsistence allowance for students:


-Students who have lost their jobs are facing food insecurity, housing displacement, and lack of access to health care.

- Funds raised will go towards medical expenses, lodging, clothing, food, and other vital living expenses to those impacted due to sickness or loss of work.

- They will help college students with rental and utility assistance who are temporarily jobless because of the COVID-19 lockdown.

- Special consideration will be given to international students who are in critical condition because they are not covered as the local students are.

To apply for financial support and assistance, please send us a request by email on:

Students wellness and wellbeing:

No matter who you are or where you live, this pandemic has changed your life. And this physical and social isolation has its own toll on all of us. If you are feeling worried about what tomorrow’s going to bring. We are going to link you to the tools, info and mental health professionals to provide you practical guidance and support. If you are feeling isolated, please put out your hand and know there is someone ready to help you. 


Food to the needy:


Recognizing the challenge that many people and students are experiencing food scarcity and hunger due to this crisis, specially in the month of Ramadan (Fasting). We are committing to provide healthy food to the food pantries on various CUNY campuses and to the needy, throughout New York. We plan to provide these special food packages (rations) to the existing food pantries of other colleges/universities too (where limited visits are allowed only). Especially for their international students; while considering their cultural sensitivities and religious requirements.


Furthermore, low-wage workers and elderly members of the poor neighborhoods would also be served under this fund. More focus would be given to those who are currently out of work and cannot file for unemployment. Food and utilities to undocumented immigrants living in New York would be our utmost priority; as Governor Cuomo has refused to commit to providing emergency relief to millions of undocumented people.

Along with this effort, FIDE would be supporting small businesses and essential workers. We would be purchasing the food items from local shops and vendors. Because these essential workers are the real heroes; fighting these tough times on the front foot and keeping our country running.


“We are stepping up… and you can too!”

Please make a gift or Donate to the FIDE fund today.

*Your donations will go directly to students and the needy.

If you're unable to give financial support, spread the word and spread the love in whatever way you can. ​Thank you!

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