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Promoting Minorities and Women-Owned Business Enterprises (M/WBE)

By Farhat Saba, Ph. D, Professor of Business

Brooklyn College, CUNY

By investing in women, we create a better world for all of us – a world that’s more equal, peaceful, and prosperous. That is the power of women, for women. 

I am leading this project called ‘Women Empowerment Project (WEPNY) for minority and economically disadvantaged women, who are struggling for their economic empowerment and identity. The project is about economic empowerment by promoting Minority and Women-owned Business Enterprise (M/WBE). We are arranging a series of events to highlight and promote women entrepreneurs. Our ‘Celebration Gala’ event is organized on December 10, 2022.

This initiative is about promoting and supporting Pakistani/minority- and women-owned businesses, which are hard hit by COVID-19. The pandemic has exacerbated persistent and deep inequalities impacting women and women of color. According to recent research, Asian business owners experienced a 26 percent decline (Fairlie, 2020). The number of female business owners dropped from 5.4 million to 4.0 million in the crucial two-month window. The decline of one-fourth of female business owners is unprecedented. This will further increase gender inequality in business ownership and perhaps broader economic inequality. We need extraordinary help and assistance to address their concerns and get them back on track. 

We believe that ‘empowered women, empower women'. Under the umbrella of ‘Women Empowerment Movement Project New York (WEMPNY), the highlights of the event will be:

1.      Marketing and Promotion: Inviting city-certified Pakistan M/WBE to join the movement, participate, and contribute.

2.      Information and Education: M/WBEs face barriers to federal, city, and Private sector relief and collaboration. They need additional assistance and training to know about the programs for small businesses and flexible grants and loans for reopening expenses, such as cleaning supplies, PPE, and testing assistance.

3.      Network and Sponsorship: Possible career opportunities for women in the community. Job readiness programs/ youth employment program sessions. Our sponsors and partners will commit to opening their doors to minority women businesses.

4.      Business Opportunities: We do business with women-owned businesses; selling and buying from them and encouraging other community organizations to support their business. Refreshments for all our events will be served by the women-owned business only.

5.      Ongoing Assistance and mentorship: ongoing assistance for reopening, one-on-one support to help navigate grants, loans, and contracts. Assistance and guidance with Minority and Women-owned Business Enterprise (M/WBE) Certification Program.


What We Do:

You don't have to navigate your business journey alone; learn about the different workshops, financial assistance programs, and other resources to help you successfully compete in the NY City and State marketplace.

Information and Resources:

Resources at the Research Network that can assist with market information, industry trends, sample business plans, etc.

Training and Counselling:

1-on-1 Business Counselling Sessions and Support Confidential and no-cost one-on-one counseling with our NYS Certified business counselors On-site assistance available at your business location

Workshops offered on key topics and areas of specific concern for business owners



Looking for an M/WBE? Grow your network and your business. Find and collaborate with minority and women-owned businesses to complete a city/state project.

M/WBE Certification

Certification is the essential first step in making the city, as a potential buyer, aware that you are a minority or women-owned business. Find out how our simple certification process can help you grow and sustain your business. 

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